Hello there sweeties ♡ I just wanted to apologize for not posting anything recently :’( it is because of school and exams, especially that this is my final year and I need good grades to get the college I want :’3 
Any way I have few requests that I will try to do when I get free time :D

And thanks for all the followers, you don’t know how much I love you ♡

I draw this today after my physics lecture ^_^”“”

Anonymous asked:

Hello! May I ask which couples you ship in Fairy Tail? (:

Hi hobbe ♥ *it means ‘my love’ in my language :3*

I ship alot of ships lol ;)
My OTPs are Nalu and Gruvia which i can’t decide on one :’)

And there goes Jerza Gale Miraxus Elfever.

And thanks to few amazing people on tumble who made me ship crack ships ^_^”“” Lyeredy. Bixanna. Mavis and Zeref. Rogue and Kagura .Sting and Yukino.