Anonymous asked:

Why is your anon ask still enabled? Boohoo can you still handle crying all the time cause you're being attacked? Awww poor fag


I know I said I wouldn’t respond to any more hate, but since I know it’s you, I will make an exception - my anon ask isn’t shut because after pondering, I decided I won’t remove the right of sending anon messages to somebody timid who actually wants to interact with me through that. It makes me laugh that you believe your messages can affect me the slightest. The only thing you do is annoy me.

Are you really going to call me a “fag”? Alright:

  • You are a no-life coward who has nothing to do but sending anon hate. Show your face if you are going to insult me.
  • You keep assaulting Tumblr artists through anon so they draw you Miraxus because you are completely neurotic thinking it’ll become canon that way or that you’ll somehow “convert” them.
  • You are manipulative by first sending hate to those artists if they draw Laxana and then shove your Miraxus BULLSHIT up their asses.
  • You are constantly trying to flame wars between fandoms and sending anon hate to Laxana shippers because your mind is so closed you can’t even accept other people’s opinions.
  • You have less maturity than a 10 year old, wasting your time sending me a DAILY anon hate message telling me how “my ship won’t become canon." I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK.
  • You are annoying as hell with your irrelevant ass opinions and reiterative hate. How the fuck am I supposed to tell you that we don’t CARE about what you have in that retarded mind of yours?
  • You feel threatened by the growth of a fictional ship because it contradicts your preferences. And you can whine all you want but we still have a LAXANA WEEK and LAXANA LOVE FEST that you are going to have to deepthroat.
  • You keep calling me a fag on one post, other and another when I’m not even gay. How dumb can you be? All you do is sound like an homophobic hormonal bitch. Shut the fuck up.
  • You send hate to other users pretending to be a Laxana shipper to give us a bad name. Stop your shit. Or at least keep it inside your fandom, because we don’t want or need that kind of crap in ours.
  • You keep giving your fanbase a bad name by bashing and re-bashing people from “opposing” ships. People are fucking sick of Miraxus because of you. Myself included.

And I am fucking done. Fuck out of my inbox, because I’m honestly TIRED of seeing you there. And you guess what I am going to do as well? I am going to tag ALL ships, and yes - your beloved Miraxus included. So everybody knows the shit you are up in anon and who sends them those “lovely” requests with a winky face behind. Your shit is over. And don’t bother sending me another string of 20 anon messages because I will directly delete them. And this is also a message for everyone out there - ignore this person, ignore its hate, ignore their anon Miraxus requests, ignore EVERYTHING about it because that’s the only way to put up end to this crap.

And I ask for reblogs simply to spread this message. Because everyone is beyond tired of this issue. Thank you.

Anon, two lovely words:



I do not know how you were able to handle this anon… bless your strong soul :’)
Anyway, after reading this and other posts… I really lost all motivation to draw the miraxus requests that I get (by anon of course, dunno if it is the same one though)
This hate really should stop… I think now I understand when some people say they hate a ship because of this meaningless bullshit.
stop ruining ships for others damnit!


Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ: 10 facts about my room

(○`ε´○)/\(○`ε´○): 9 facts about my family

(○゜ε^○)♥: 8 facts about my body

(*ノωノ) : 7 facts about my childhood

ヾ(*´ー`)ノ: 6 facts about my home town

(ღ˘⌣˘ღ): 5 facts about my best friend

(*´∀`*人*´∀`*): 4 facts about my parents

( ・◇・)?: 3 facts about my personality

(*´▽`*): 2 facts about my favorite things

(´・ω・`) : 1 fact about the person I like

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